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Are Cities developing in step with the surge in population?

The Urbanization Paradox

World Bank opines that India, along with China, Indonesia, Nigeria, and the United States, will lead the world's urban population surge by 2050. UN estimates suggest that over 40% of the country’s population would reside in its cities by 2030.

As Indian cities continue to grow and develop, challenges facing them are unique. 

On one hand they continue to get overpopulated, and on the other various innovations, processes and policy measures are catalyzing rapid development.

The Performance Imperative

Several cities are transforming through collective initiatives by the local bodies, Smart city corporations, Private enterprises, citizens’ groups and even individuals. The process of replacing, overhauling and/or modifying existing frameworks for delivery and consumption of city services has well begun.

However, this process is neither uniform in it's progress nor in impact, across different cities.  In order to create liveable, resilient, inclusive and smart urban ecosystems in Indian cities, the performance of the cities needs to be depicted in an organized and structured manner.


Only when the decision-makers can view relevant and holistic data , will they derive meaningful interpretations for constructive decision making.

The Annual Urban India Indexing Initiative:

Continuous monitoring of the progress of various initiatives - and it's impact on performance of cities - is essential to achieve desired urbanization. There is no single set of parameters to map the performance of varied & vibrant Indian cities.

Well researched Indices on various thematic areas - each unique from the other - are needed to bring out the true and fair picture of each city.   

This undertanding forms the bedrock of 'The Urban India Indexing Project' and strengthens Urban Liveability Forum's position as a knowledge platform.


The Urban India Indexing Initiative 

 -  seeks to provide a holistic picture on the performance of Indian cities 

 -  serves as a metric to compare cities with their peers

 -  allows cities to keep track of their progress over time 

 -  helps stakeholders work toward a prosperous urban future 

The Beneficiaries:

The multi-year exercise shall benefit various interest groups


  • City Administrations 

  • State and Local Governments

  • Investment Agencies 

  • PMCs 

  • Service providers 

  • Researchers 

  • Think Tanks

  • Citizens. 

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The Urban India Indexing Project is envisioned as a multi-year activity with a Pan-India scope. The outcome of this activity is aimed to benefit the Decision Makers and Influencers in City Corporations, Smart City SPVs, Local and State Governments, Multilateral agencies and Citizen groups.

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The exercise is being performed in consultation with unbiased industry veterans, while upholding data credibility and integrity at all times.