Internship Programs 

New age challenges need New age warriors.We are looking for students and researchers in the Urban Planning, Urban Management and Place Making domains to join us for short or mid-length internships.

Our well-thought internship programs offer you a healthy combination of on-the-job practical experience and a chance to apply your knowledge to the real world.

We invite you to reach out to us and learn more about the opportunities we have for you. 

The Urban India Indexing Internship Program - U3IP


Our annual flagship program U3IP gives you real time experience to collect, collate and interpret data on Urban indicators.

This data is then processed to create a true and fair picture of each city.


Such a holistic image of each city is useful for various stakeholders to understand the city's performance. It helps decision makers to compare cities with one another and understand impact of development initiatives.

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U3IP Cohort of 2021

Meet Anam, Shuktika and Sreekar...Each one a star-player in his/her own right.


Even as we read this, they are working ceaselessly on collecting and crunching data from cities across India. Under the able supervision of an expert project in-charge they are making magic, every day!

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Urban Catalytic Agent Program [U-CAP]

Technology makes the world (and all cities) go round. At ULF, we recognize this.

Our U-CAP program pairs your knowledge of Urban planning with an interest in how Smart Tech is making a difference in cities.

This program gives you a chance to understand the workings of UrbanTech solutions including IOT, AI, ML, GIS, Big Data, Block chain and more. 

Members of this program get to participate in our efforts to organize interviews and Webinars involving Tech. leaders. They also get to work on our online resources including Social Media and website.


U-CAP helps you create a unique position for yourself in the industry.


To apply, write to us at 

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U-CAP Cohort of 2021

Meet Ria, Debashrita and Alina. At various stages of their academic and professional journeys, each of them brings a unique and valuable perspective to this program.


They make an eager team and are full of ideas. Hardworking and enthusiastic, they have, indeed, set the bar high for the next batch.

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