We introduce ourselves as Urban Liveability Forum (ULF), a knowledge platform- by and for the experts - to transform urban liveability through knowledge, networking and enabling communities.

The brainchild of two B2B marketeers –

                                  and                                 ULF is a young organization conceived in 2020, with an objective to catalyze solutions for real world urban issues.

Sarang Mehta

Shaurya Somani 

ULF is building connections and facilitating interaction between experts and information seekers to make our cities better places to live.


Cities where people 
LIVE IN HARMONY with their surroundings. 

Urban centers have always been engines of Growth, Ideas & Innovations.  They have been key hubs of GDP generation for their countries. 

However, the economic opportunities offered by cities have also brought with them massive challenges.


To be a CATALYST in the Urban Transformation Journey

Pollution, Congestion, Public health, Urban poverty are just few of the areas where cities are grappling with unprecedented demands.

    Expert projections put the Urban population at 68% of total world population by 2050

     India’s urban population will increase from 377 million in 2011 to 594 million in 2036 – (National Commission on Population estimates).

    3 million people are migrating from rural areas into Asian cities every week

Urban Liveability Forum works to bridge the gap between

THE NEED to solve these problems AND application of ACTUAL SOLUTIONS.


Our focus is on the three pillars of liveability: Physical, Social and Cultural

Through OUR INITIATIVES, we seek to Inform, Educate and Encourage our fellow Citizens & Institutions (Commercial, Industrial & Municipalities) about sustainable consumption, conservation, and creation of natural and physical resources in the Urban environment.

This, in our humble opinion, will lead our cities from VIABLE (providing the basics) to LIVEABLE (providing modern comforts) and ultimately to LOVEABLE (satisfying self actualization needs of all citizens).

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