A platform to transform urban liveability through knowledge, networking, and enabling communities.

About Us: At Urban Liveability Forum, we focus our expertise and efforts on initiating meaningful interactions aimed at positively impacting urban development .

Globally and in India, massive urbanization is ongoing and imminent. The actions we take now will define our collective destinies and the future of our immediate and extended living spaces in our cities & beyond.

Every urban stakeholder including Governments, Municipalities, City planners, corporates, and citizens will have to play an active role to transform our cities from Viable to Liveable and ultimately to Loveable.


Focus Areas

Our areas of interest,  discussions and knowledge dissemination are as below:

Our Initiatives

Our various initiatives are independent and yet inter-twined in nature. 
True to our vision and mission, they are all aimed at getting the conversation going, making things happen and catalyzing desired outcomes through interactions between interest groups in the urban eco-systems. 


Infrastructure is the general term for the basic physical systems of a business, region, or nation.

Smart Mobility.jpg

Smart mobility integrates all modes of transportation via wireless communications and applies real-time data analytics.

Sustainable Habitat.jpeg

Sustainable development refers to human developments that meet our current needs, without undermining the nature’s ability to provide for the generations to come.

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Governance refers to structures and processes that are designed to ensure accountability and inclusiveness.

Economic Development.jpeg

Economic development is the process by which emerging economies become advanced economies.

Inclusive Planning.jpeg

Inclusive planning is a process of development that includes wide variety of people and activities.


Knowledge Corner

A Knowledge Series from experts on smart solutions and sustainable practices for effective management  of our resources to enhance Urban Liveability during and post-pandemic.

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A curated knowledge series under Urban Digital Technology Initiative (UDTI) that puts in focus the digital transformation stories across India's smart cities.

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If you want to contribute an article or                                                                , 

Write to us at info@urbanliveabilitforum.com

Watch our videos on topics ranging from promotions to webinars and expert interviews




Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.  
The opportunities created under our initiatives facilitate interactions among industry players to ideate and find solutions for improving urban livability.

Whether it is the knowledge series MY RESOURCE MY RESPONSIBILITY & URBANTECH BYTES   or masterclasses by experts in UrbanTech -  URBANTECH TALKS  - or  Webinars on Resource Management under AATMANIRBHAR SOCIETY series, the direction is set and the journey has begun.
As more and more Thought Leaders, Information Seekers and Industry Professionals gravitate toward our platform, we will keep bringing to you effective touch-points for in-person and online interactions from time to time.
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